Successful Training in Malta (Oct 2014)

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The first of its kind hands-on training completed by Water Globe Consulting at the Malta’s Pembroke Seawater Desalination Plant in late 2014 was beneficial and exciting experience. The course participants have learned from a world-class team of trainers, including seasoned plant operators and desalination experts, how to complete important operator tasks such as SDI testing, RO train shut-down and start up; RO membrane conductivity profiling; and membrane replacement and rotation. Every course participant had the opportunity to complete all of the operational tasks by their own hands, to use all key performance monitoring instruments, and to learn how to inspect membranes for common problems and performance challenges.
Some pictures of the training courses

Explanation of operating procedures

SDI resting

SDI testing

New cartridge filter loading

SDI testing

Cartridge filter autopsy

SDI testing

Membrane weighting

Installation of end connectors of new cartridge filters

Demonstration of test procedures

RO membrane conductivity profilling

RO membrane conductivity profilling

Inspection of RO membrane trains

O rings inspection

Membrane inspection

Preparation of RO membrane offloading

Inspection of the 16 inch RO membranes

Membrane offloading

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